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    420 DKK
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    Horsens Ny Teater
  • Spilleperiode
    Torsdag den 20/03/2025 19:30
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  • Arrangør
    Grand Kyiv Ballet

Children of the night

Torsdag den 20/03/2025 19:30

World Premiere by Grand Kyiv Ballet
“Children of the Night” is a performance featuring Gothic-style scenery and modern choreography, based on the academic tradition of ballet.

The play tells the story of mythical androgynous creatures. These beings once had two pairs of arms and legs and two faces on one head. They believed there was no one in the world more beautiful and powerful than them, thinking they were equal to God. As punishment for this hubris, they were divided into two parts: a man and a woman.

This legend about androgynous beings gave rise to the phrase “Find your soulmate.” This quest is one that all people endeavor to undertake. In “Children of the Night,” humanity is already divided. The consequence of this division into man and woman is a crack, symbolizing our common weakness.
Through this crack, temptations, passions, and negative emotions that separate the halves penetrate. However, by enduring trials, people can achieve enlightenment and reach a higher level of relationship.

The ballet explores the temptations and passions that surround us and demonstrates how love can withstand any test.

Choreography and Staging: Oleksandr Abdukarimov.
Music: Antonio Vivaldi, Max Richter.