• Pris
    200 DKK
  • Sted
    Horsens Ny Teater
  • Spilleperiode
    Fredag den 13/09/2024 19:00
  • Kategori
    Comedy & Stand-up
  • Arrangør
    Ulug Bek (Uzbekistan), Kriti Prajapati (India) og Adrian Mackinder (UK)

Almost Danes

Fredag den 13/09/2024 19:00

Slightly suspicious expats living in Denmark – Ulug Bek, Kriti Prajapati and their host Adrian Mackinder – are doing their stand up comedy show – ALMOST DANES – a show about living in Denmark, loving it and almost integrating. We promise you will be almost happy after this show. After 10 sold-out shows in Copenhagen and Odense, they are coming to Horsens.

Ulug Bek (Uzbekistan) is an office worker by day and a comedian by night. Using his deadpan humour, he makes hilarious observations about Danish work culture and its traditions. With his material about Denmark and Scandinavia, Ulug Bek has performed at festivals in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and even Netherlands.

Kriti Prajapati (India) is an engineer by mistake and a comedian by choice. Audiences have laughed about the cultural shock she has experienced in Denmark and is enamored with her quirky sense of humor. Kriti has performed in Denmark, Sweden, India and Netherlands.

Adrian Mackinder (UK) is a professional comedian, improvisor, actor and author. He is one of the best MCs (show hosts) in the country.